Mascara | #TRASHTALK

If I had to choose only one makeup item to wear, it’s hands down, mascara. Most days, this is all I’ll wear. Here are some mascaras I have used up!


Best Lash Extreme | Jordana
This is my go-to mascara. It adds tons of volume, which is my main priority when choosing a mascara. It can get a little clumpy and it will flake, but that lessens when a primer or other mascara is used as a base. I have repurchased, for sure! Want to see this in action and if my first impressions match how I felt over multiple uses? Check out my video:


Telescopic | L’Oreal

This is great for adding some length! I like using this as a base mascara to layer others on top of it. Minimal to no flaking and leave your lashes flexible. I have repurchased this multiple times, but haven’t repurchased it after finishing this one up.

Organic Wear Jumbo | Physicians Formula
It did add some length and volume, but it irritated my eyes each time I wore this. I wasn’t a huge fan of the wand, either. Would not repurchase. Here’s a first impressions video and demo!

Lash Blast Volume Exact | Covergirl

This was my go-to mascara in high school and most of college as well. However, when I repurchased this particular tube… it just wasn’t the same. I don’t feel as though it gives me the amount of volume I am looking for anymore. I would not repurchase.





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