100 Summer Dos and Don’ts | Glamour 2011 | #JADED

So here we are, as promised on the cover, with our “100 All-Time Best Summer Dos and Don’ts.” I won’t be commenting on all 100. That would be far too extra. Here’s a few that made me feel some type of way.



Summer Don’t: The Boob-Grab?
I’ll grab my boob whenever and wherever I please, thank you very much. Y’all are #jaded.





Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.50.05 AM

Hmm? Lace to the Beach?
I have a cute as hell lace bikini from Target and yeah, okay, it low-key looks like a bralette, but I’m gonna go ahead and on my own, declare this 2011 “don’t” a 2017 “do.” Same goes for lace coverups, which I nabbed this awesome coverup at the thrift store! Y’all are #jaded. PS: lace is highlighted later in the issue (page 33) as a ‘brightest new style idea. Just thought that was funny.

Neon bikini? White suits? Cool shades?
These are all timeless dos. You may proceed with the relevance.

Big earrings with a bikini?
I’ll let the readers call this one, as I’m torn on my opinion. Leave a comment below telling me if it’s relevant or #jaded.

Do: bring your body with confidence.IMG_9271
*snaps* This is the shit I like. Do it. This will never be #jaded and I’d always love to see some more body confidence in any situation.

Don’t: take confidence too far.
Of course men are going to stare and maybe even snap a picture. If you take your top off, you’re asking for that.” OH HELL NO. Get the fuck outta here with that enabling dribble. Y’all are #jaded.

Five Definite Summer Dos:
Big floppy hats? Sweet sundresses? Big shades? Beach dried hair? Bright nail polish?
Hell yeah. Proceed with the relevance.

Dos & Don’ts of Guys at the Beach:
Necklaces at the beach? You do you booboo, but I agree with their argument that it can create a tanline. Any body jewelry for ANYONE could do that.
Superhero briefs? Why the fuck not? Let’s not shame the men for what they wear.






2 thoughts on “100 Summer Dos and Don’ts | Glamour 2011 | #JADED

  1. lynnielifestyle says:

    The big earrings with the bikinis never really made sense to me. I guess I would personally say that’s a #jaded trend, but personally, when I put a bikini on…it’s to swim or get knocked down by waves and I def do not want huge ass earrings tearing my ears a part! Awesome post, I love this!

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