100 Summer Dos and Don’ts | Glamour 2011 | #JADED

So here we are, as promised on the cover, with our “100 All-Time Best Summer Dos and Don’ts.” I won’t be commenting on all 100. That would be far too extra. Here’s a few that made me feel some type of way.



Summer Don’t: The Boob-Grab?
I’ll grab my boob whenever and wherever I please, thank you very much. Y’all are #jaded.





Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.50.05 AM

Hmm? Lace to the Beach?
I have a cute as hell lace bikini from Target and yeah, okay, it low-key looks like a bralette, but I’m gonna go ahead and on my own, declare this 2011 “don’t” a 2017 “do.” Same goes for lace coverups, which I nabbed this awesome coverup at the thrift store! Y’all are #jaded. PS: lace is highlighted later in the issue (page 33) as a ‘brightest new style idea. Just thought that was funny.

Neon bikini? White suits? Cool shades?
These are all timeless dos. You may proceed with the relevance.

Big earrings with a bikini?
I’ll let the readers call this one, as I’m torn on my opinion. Leave a comment below telling me if it’s relevant or #jaded.

Do: bring your body with confidence.IMG_9271
*snaps* This is the shit I like. Do it. This will never be #jaded and I’d always love to see some more body confidence in any situation.

Don’t: take confidence too far.
Of course men are going to stare and maybe even snap a picture. If you take your top off, you’re asking for that.” OH HELL NO. Get the fuck outta here with that enabling dribble. Y’all are #jaded.

Five Definite Summer Dos:
Big floppy hats? Sweet sundresses? Big shades? Beach dried hair? Bright nail polish?
Hell yeah. Proceed with the relevance.

Dos & Don’ts of Guys at the Beach:
Necklaces at the beach? You do you booboo, but I agree with their argument that it can create a tanline. Any body jewelry for ANYONE could do that.
Superhero briefs? Why the fuck not? Let’s not shame the men for what they wear.






One thought on “100 Summer Dos and Don’ts | Glamour 2011 | #JADED

  1. lynnielifestyle says:

    The big earrings with the bikinis never really made sense to me. I guess I would personally say that’s a #jaded trend, but personally, when I put a bikini on…it’s to swim or get knocked down by waves and I def do not want huge ass earrings tearing my ears a part! Awesome post, I love this!

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